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Your personalized Human Design report will contain incredible information that will help you understand yourself better. It's amazing how accurate Human Design is and how much it resonates once you understand what your chart actually means!

Easily Digestible

Your chart explained in easy-to-understand plain English.

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The PDF Document we deliver is specific to your unique human design.

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All the content is written by human beings with really big hearts.

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Knowing your human design can help you to...

Human Design is mapping your natural state of being, your gifts and talents, and the the ideal way of their manifestation in the world.

Each report is personalized to your particular chart. The information is specific for you. Here are the main benefits to understanding your own unique Human Design.

Understand & Use Your Energy Correctly

Make Correct Decisions Using Your Authority

Uncover Your Personal Strategy For Life

Learn To Love & Accept Yourself Completely

Know Who You Are and Who You Are Not

Eliminate resistance and frustration from your life

Know which partner and which career is correct for you

And much more..


We invest a huge amount of time and energy into these beautiful reports working with some of the best analysts in the industry. We promise you'll love yours, or we'll give your money back within 48 hours if you don't.

Beginners Report

For newbies to Human design, looking to get a grip on the basics.
$27 $13.95
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An introduction to Human Design & your Bodygraph

Discover your Strategy, Authority, Signature and Not-self themes.

Approximately 16-20 pages

Detailed Report

For those with a reasonable understanding, wanting to go deeper.
$57 $27.95
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Everything in “Beginners Report” plus...

Understand your Profile, your Open and Defined Centers, Channels, Incarnation Cross and more.

Approximately 38-42 pages

Human Design is a holistic self-knowledge system founded by Ra Uru Hu which combines quantum physics with astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and Vedic philosophy. The effectiveness of the system has been proven through independent studies.

100% Personalized

The AI scans your chart and compiles a personalized PDF document just for you.

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If you're unhappy with your report, you can request a refund within 48 hours.

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Your Human Design report is generated as soon as the payment is processed.

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